About The Club

EAPES is a collection of 10.000 unique and randomly generated 3D Apes. The collection aims to create a club of enthusiastic NFT collectors who want to take part in the adventure of building the largest NFT community on MultiversX. Once the minting phase is over, the apes will be available on the marketplace. Every purchase has a 10% royalties fee. For the first month, 8% will be for the DAO and 2% for the charity organizations. Subsequent months will be 6% for DAO, 3% Team, 0.5% Marketing and 0.5% Charity.


How many apes are there wandering the jungle ?
A total of 10.000 apes are available. If you deduct the ones sold in the presale, when mint begins 8000 will be able to be purchased. A maximum of 10 apes can be purchased per transaction.
How much does one of those beautiful apes cost?
Price will be chosen a few days before minting goes live depending on EGLD price. Since the presale price was 0.5 EGLD it will be above it.
How many apes were sold in the presale ?
A total of 2000 apes where sold during the two presale rounds. 500 during the first round and 1500 during the second one.
Mint is over, how can I buy an ape ?
If the Maiar NFT marketplace is already live by the time the mint begins you will be able to buy & sell apes there. If it's not yet live an alternative will be available.
To which charities will the funds be donated ?
The goal of these organizations is to preserve biodiversity and protect animals.


DAO & Reward System Q1 2022

We aim to create our DAO where holders will be able to lock their apes for voting and making proposals. Through this voting system, each holder has a decisive role in the future decisions of the project (investment, staking...). We'll use the DAO for rewarding our holders.

NFT Launchpad Q1 2022

We will release the first NFT Launchpad on the MultiversX Blockchain. We will be featuring projects that we know are serious and who want to truly give something to their holders. We will also make sure that apes holders are rewarded accordingly for their support!

EAPES Club Shop Q2 2022

Our shop will go live during the second quarter of 2022. Featuring clothes and some interesting items we can't reveal yet. Sneak peeks will be posted during the first quarter.

3D & Augmented Reality NFT Artwork Q3-Q4 2022

Imagine if you could see what your new EAPE looks like in the real world.

What's next? After

A new roadmap will be released, letting everyone know what we planned for the future of the project and how we are planning to reward our holders and keep them entertained.